Our Daily Specials!

  • Mondays - Large Pepperoni Pizza & 1 lb. Wings Combo $25.99
  • Tuesdays - 2 Cheeseburgers for $8.00
  • Wednesdays - Buy 1 Pasta Meal, get the 2nd one ½ Price
  • Thursdays - All Day Wings - ($7.98/lb Dine-In) ($9.98/lb Take-Out

  • Sundays - Woody Burger Complete Meal Deal! - ONLY $14.99
    • (Your choice of hot sandwich served with fries or mashed, mixed veggies,
      coffee, tea or fountain pop & choice of pie, cake or sundae) Only $14.99!

Weekday Lunch Specials
11am to 2 pm starting at $6.99

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Buy one pizza and get a second pizza of equal or lesser value free!

All pizzas available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Gluten Free Crusts Available on Request

Woody Special
pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, onions, green olives, green peppers, cheese & sauce

Buffalo Chicken- NEW!
Frank's hot sauce , blue cheese sauce and chicken.

Pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and sauce

Meat Lovers Combo
pepperoni, salami, bacon, ham, ground beef, sausage, cheese & sauce

Cheeseburger Pizza
ground beef, onions, diced dill pickles, 2 kinds of cheese

White Woody Pizza
chicken, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms & grilled onions with alfredo sauce & cheese

cheese, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, green olives, tomatoes & sauce

pineapple, ham, cheese, & sauce

pepperoni, cheese, & sauce

cheese & sauce

Add Your Own Toppings to Basic
Jalapeno peppers, pepperoni, salami, sausage, bacon, ham, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, green peppers, hot peppers, diced dill pickles, green olives, ground beef.

Specialty Toppings
Extra cheese, anchovies, feta cheese, black olives, chicken

Dipping Sauce
Caesar, Ranch, Garlic Aioli or Mango Chipotle

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Pasta & Wings

All pasta is served with Garlic Toast.

Add a side House, Greek or Caesar Salad.

Add chicken to any pasta dish.

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce - Traditional Marinara over a bed of Spaghetti

Spaghetti with Meatballs - Three giant homemade meatballs served on top of marinara sauce and spaghetti

Fettucini Alfredo - Fettuccini noodles with our creamy parmesan sauce and just a hint of garlic

Cheese Cappelletti - Ricotta cheese stuffed tortellini noodles baked with our rose sauce and mozzarella cheese

Chicken Parmesan - Tender chicken breast with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese baked in the oven and served with spaghetti

Cajun Chicken Alfredo - Our delicious fettuccini alfredo with a cajun spiced grilled chicken breast

Fettucine Carbonara - Our creamy parmesan garlic sauce with bacon, served over fettucine noodles

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WB Chicken Wings

Sold by the pound

Choose Your Sauce

Honey Garlic, BBQ, Mild, Medium, Hot, Caribbean Jerk, Hot Parm, Frank's Buffalo, Garlic Parm or Fire & Ice

Pizza & Wings Combo

One large Pepperoni Pizza and One Pound of Wings


Includes Three Toppings From Below

jalapeno peppers, pepperoni, salami, sausage, bacon, ham, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, green olives, green peppers, hot peppers, diced dill pickles, ground beef

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